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“The singer-songwriter who cross the border”

An inspiring singer-songwriter Chantalia from Hong Kong is preparing her debut album which is a recollection of her past 10 years heart journey. Not only she will produce this inspiring concept album in chronological order, she will also walk her talk by travelling to ten different countries recording this album. 

“Life is a journey”

“everyone on earth is going through the similar lessons, we are learn to love, to have courage, to let go, to get lost then find the lights from the dark. But most important part is to come back up from the ashes and to embrace our past, to love like the start. And I want to share this.”

Interesting enough with depth of her album concept and inspiring messages, her songs carries a light tone with jazzy styles along with magnetic soft healing voice. And certainly this is a memorable sound that melts your heart. 

Lovellaby - Chantalia

Say out loud your heart today - Chantalia

Wish you all the best - Chantalia

Maybe - Chantalia

Dear - Chantalia

Life is a journey